Are you here because you saw this website on the back of Todd Bodine's #91 Chevrolet at the 1998 NAPA Autocare 500 at Martinsville Speedway?

  • The race took place on Sunday, September 27, 1998. It was the 27th race of the season.

  • The outside air temperature was 93 degrees (F) and up to 140 degrees (F) inside the cars.

  • Ricky Rudd's cooling hose to his helmet broke in the early stages of the scorching hot race. In an attempt to cool him, his crew accidentally sprayed him with scalding hot water, as the tank had been sitting in the sun all day. Rudd went on to win the race and needed oxygen in victory lane.

  • Todd Bodine qualified and finished his car in the same position - 12th.

  • Bodine competed in the #91 car for seven races in 1998 for LJ Racing; his best finish was 5th at Atlanta at the series finale.

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